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Grail Lady Faire: The Power of ‘Right Thought in Action’

"The World will be saved by the Western Woman."
~ The Dalai Lama, 2009 World Peace Conference, Vancouver, Canada

Canada’s 5-day Summer Festival for Women who care about their Planet: June 27 to July 1

A paradigm ‘shift’ is not on its way. It’s here. And if you are a ‘sensitive’, you’ve been very aware of this cosmically aligned upheaval, trying with all your mightiness to hang to the edge with what’s left of your fingernails, seeking some semblance of familiarity, calm and hope that everything is going to be alright. “It’s all good” seems to be the positive affirmation of the day and delivered with a smile! 

It has been a decade since the original vision for what is now Canada’s annual 5-day summer festival for women who care about their planet; new-thought leaders, green vendors, eco-entrepreneurs, spiritual guides and conscious mothers raising conscious children. You know when something is so right when it delivers successfully with ease and grace, and that is exactly what happened at the launch of last year’s The Grail Lady Faire. For days, weeks and months following the inaugural faire, we fielded dozens of emails from attendees and presenters alike with a common message; whatever they were asking to birth, whatever they projected out to the Universe, whatever finances they required or a business partner they were searching for, showed up.

There is a great mystery to be understood by all with respect to manifestation, especially elevated by the mighty power of a group gathering where affinity is present in ceremony. Only a few days ago I returned from what is now becoming a yearly group trek to Machu Picchu, where I clearly recognized the undeniable signs of Mother Nature responding to ‘focused mind’ and focused intent and invocation.

As exciting preparations are now underway for the opening ceremonies beginning on June 27th, I invoke that this will be another magical, inspirational, evocative, and important event for all, a pivotal point for great change and transformation both personally and for the planet. One thing I know for sure, every woman counts in this movement towards change. WE are riding that tide. Like walking a tightrope, keeping your eyes focused on the next step, knowing the end is in sight and staying calm. These are the keys to a successful outcome. And I know, women are really good at being focused when they want to be.

I share the Dalai Lama’s view; it is women who will decide our outcome. It is up to women to empower themselves with their innate female gifts that were for so long suppressed, hidden and systematically written out of history, to dig deep within themselves and rediscover their passions, convictions and take decisive leadership roles as guardians of our planet.
If you too have heard the call, then please join with us on June 27th to July 1st as we continue to co-create together a new world of peace, truth and freedom for all.

Grail Lady Faire
Grail Springs Health Spa & Wellness Retreat, 2004 Bay Lake Rd, Bancroft, Ontario
June 27th to July 1st
Call for tickets: 877-553-5772 or purchase online


"The SUPRA 'Law of Attraction' and its two missing Sister Laws they didn't tell you about!"

In order for us to successfully create, hold and manifest our life visions, our inner life has to become stronger and more real to us than our outer life. Our outer life is the mirrored manifestation of our inner world and it shows itself in three distinct ways:

1)    Association: the people in our life
2)    Form: our body, clothes, home, workplace, car, environment
3)    Realizations: our view of life, beliefs, practices

On our next live call we will journey through an exercise in self-discovery, journaling your findings on these three outward appearances in your life. They can hold a lot of information about you, your power to manifest using the law of attraction whether you are conscious of it or not, and what exactly is it that you are creating for yourself.

And then perhaps you will want to change it!...:o)

I will also be sharing with you the other two lost sister laws to the Law of Attraction, completing a very important Trinity. ‘The Secret’, the movie, opened the door… On June 1st I will take you deeper into the vault and share an ancient pearl of wisdom that only a few sages have ever explored or understood. I will explain a universal principle, a formula that will brings the true magic into your life. Consistency, certainty and creativity is abound, once it is understood and applied.

Grail Springs Global Village Membership: Join me for my next LIVE new moon call on June 1st at 12noon EST.  This important call is part of the new Grail Springs Village online membership if you have not already heard. We are taking our retreats to the next level, creating a series of tele-calls to support our community. Trip through an entire year of what it is like to live healthy, happy and wise as a conscious soul.

On this next call we will revisit the most important Law of all the Universe: The Supra-Law of Attraction.