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Go Vegetarian in 2010 ~ THE most impactful choice YOU can make to save our Planet AND get healthly. It's a WIN WIN.

When is the last time you did something for your own wellbeing that benefited everyone else? That is what happens when you choose not to buy or consume animal products and move to a plant-based diet.  Not only are you making the right choices for body, mind and conscience, you are majorly reducing your carbon impact on the planet.

Did you know that the fields across the planet that are filled with cow manure waste emit 20 times more menathe gas into the atmosphere then CO2? This scientific finding from the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has rich cattle ranchers up in arms as they are being required to clean up their business. And as can be expected the fight is on as they turn to politicians to support their polluting industry. And they just might get it as $$ talk in Congress as per usual.

We can't afford to wait for politicians or cattlemen to clean up their act or our planet for us. This world is primed to change from an old paradigm to a new one, but this time it has to come from the ground up. Us. Our non-purchase of animal products is our vote against further destruction to this planet. This is our voice speaking that we will not tolerate the continuous stripping of our precious resources.  There is nothing more you can do to save the planet then to go vegetarian, more than switching to a hybrid!

As head of the United Nations Environmental Committee announced earlier this year, "The most impactful thing we can all do to save the planet, is to go vegetarian."


Winter Solstice: Meaning & 7 Simple Steps to Manifesting

The first full moon in December signifies the beginning of the Winter Solstice whereby thousands of people around the world begin a consicious process of inner self-reflection while also focusing on their vision for the upcoming year. For many, this process runs from the full moon before the Solstice (December 22nd ) until New Year's Day.

This practice goes back thousands of years when the Winter Solstice was one of the most important celebrations. For the Celts it marked the rebirth of the suns power, also seen as going from darkness into the light. It took root in the agricultural significance for their human survival, as well as spiritual significance. The two worlds, heaven and earth, were weaved as One. Hence, the Celtic knot.

Two decades ago I became familiar with this celebration and have been practising it ever since. I have come to understand that solar astrology is the science of relationships between all living things within the universe. This has proven to be an amazing process in manifesting my own dreams and goals and recognizing my personal responsibility and relationship to the planet. We are significantly influenced by that which is present around us; weather, other people, world events, solar and planetary influences. How aware we are of these influences gives us a better handle on how to transform these influences into positive experiences in our life.

At the full moon in December, I set time aside to reflect and do an accounting of the year that has passed. I compare it with what I had written the year before. It never ceases to amaze me as to what has actualized, and am convinced that it speeds up the process and attracts opportunities towards me. Of course you have to align yourself with making it and allowing it to happen ~ in other words, you have to do the work.

A helpful tip...When I consider my aspirations for the New Year, I make sure I include aspirations for all of me... career, body, mind AND soul. Don't forget about your spiritual needs, the most important of all. If you are spiritually content and connected, the physical, the career, your relationships, they will get the boost they need to be fulfilled in a positive way as well.

7 Simple Steps to Get Started


Copenhagen or No Hopenhagen; Canadians must sign petition today!

Today is the day to sign and send this petition demanding Prime Minister Harper start representing the people's will on climate change. Sign and share to all fellow Canadians today!


Give a Gift That Matters....3rd world gift giving project

A cool website for giving to third world projects this holiday season.  For the person who has everything, why not buy seeds for a woman's co-op in Africa in their honor. Or for instance:

In the village of Dakpemyilli in Northern Ghana, clean water is very scarce. Families regularly bathe and drink from the same water that livestock use, so water-borne diseases are a significant health hazard. The villagers are building water systems to provide clean water for the community.

This year why not skip the usual and ‘Give a Gift That Matters’ in honor of someone you love.


Did you know that you can re-infect yourself with the flu or cold with your own toothbrush!?

Ever wonder why – just when you think you are over the flu, you get a second round of it and goes on and on for weeks?! Well guess what the culprit could be? Not only should you be replacing your used toothbrush every two to three months, you should be replacing it every time a cold or flu has run its course.

Other common sense pointers, not allowing your toothbrush to be stored with those of your families like in the photo above. Store your brush alone and standing up in such a way that it will dry out quickly. Letting it remain wet will only promote the breeding of more  germs. And when traveling, dry it really well before packing!


Chakra Energy Health

The bio-energy field surrounds every living thing, from a planet, human being, animal, tree, leaf to a cell. Today science can read this frequency as it appears by way of a light and colour spectrum resulting from bio-feedback or bio-pulsar measurements. Here are the seven Major Chakra Centres and their corresponding Colour, Glands and Organs. Next time you come to Grail Springs you can have your aura/chakra health photographed with our latest investment in this dynamic technology!

7th Crown: White~Pineal~All Organs
6th Third Eye: Indigo~Pituitary~Brain
5th Throat: Turquoise~Thyroid~Larynx
4th Heart: Green~Thymus~Spleen (organ of vitality)
3rd Solar Plexus: Yellow~Pancreas~Stomach
2nd Sacral: Orange~Adrenal~Sex
1st Base: Red~Gonads~Kidney

What you can do to create excellent energy health!
* take 5 mins daily to breathe, rest and relax; restore calm in heart and mind
* learn a new meditation
* take up yoga or Pilates
* run or do some type of cardio 10 mins per day
* start your day with the 6-min Grail World Mantra
* book yourself at least one energy therapy per month; chakra balancing, Reiki, Cranio-sacral therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy
* take a Himalayan salt bath once a week
* never stay mad, committ to finding your resolve each and every day
* eat live food vs dead food; as much organic locally grown vegetables as possible
* check-in to Grail Springs for a 'me' balancing retreat!


"The Shift of Ages Movie Clip"... Mayan Calendar prophecy... a balanced message from a wiseman

Good Day Friends,

Today I was sent this 6 min clip from a documentary film coming out by Steve Copeland. There is as you know much speculation about the significance of December 21st, 2012, the date the Mayan Calendar ends. I for one am not a doomsayer. I intuit this is a moment, an opportunity for a major planetary shift in consciousness. An opportunity to heal ourselves and our planet ~ what we try to do every day at Grail Springs.

Driven by greed and power, the violence perpetrated by the strategy of 'divide and conquer', men and especially women and children have suffered unspeakable atrocities. The crisis is not coming. It has already arrived. The message is loud and clear. WE are the solution to the problem. WE must take hold of the opportunity to right ourselves now. The power lies not just in the hands of political leaders, but in the hearts, voices and hands of each and every individual...especially those with a computer - the world wide web is the weapon of choice to win this war.

Watch wiseman Don Alejandro's poignant message, share it with others, and let it inspire us all to take action, both inward and outward.


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Himalayan Salt Recipe for a Sole Bath (pronounced Solay) during Full Moon = Equal to a 3~day Fast!

During the Full Moon Phase the healing process of the body is at its peak. The 88 minerals from Himalayan salt can penetrate the skin and are absorbed in the form of ions. Bio~energetic weak points are harmonized and the bodies own energy flow is activated. The cleansing effect of this easy to make salt bath, an ancient ritual of the Celtics, equals that of a three-day fast. The toxins are released into the water while the minerals from the salt are absorbed through the skin. This process reduces the acidity in our body and gets rid of skin-irritations, inflammation of the joints, and many other health ailments.

Note ~ the New Moon Phase is the highest point of detoxification: In other words, this is the optimum time for toxin release. So bathing during both the new moon and the full moon is recommended.

To make the Sole Bath try to prepare approximately 24 hours in advance or even longer.
1 litre Mason Jar
1 kg Himalayan Bath Salts

The Ancient Celts added essential oils for further purification (optional):
10 drops Lavender Oil
10 drops Rosemary Oil
5 drops Sage Oil

Place 1 bag (2 lbs = 2 cups) of Himalayan Bath Salts in the 1 litre mason jar and pour enough hot water to fill the jar. Subsequently pour the drops of oil into the water and seal. Occasionally turn the jar over every few hours.

When you are ready to take your bath:
Measure the temperature exactly at 98.6 Fahrenheit with a thermometer and pour the mixture in when you have reached desired water level. Light some candles, clear the mind and ponder on purification of mind, heart and body. Bathe for about 30 minutes.

Do not eat anything heavy before your bath and don't use any other chemical substances in this bath. After the bath do not rub dry, but gently pat your skin and let the body air-dry naturally. Do not use any lotions and do not shower until the following day.