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Nutritional Requirement of the Soul....LOVE xo

I've just been reminded of a very fundamental truth and thought it was worth sharing today. Our soul’s nutritional requirements consist of positive electromagnetic energy. That might sound strange but it's true...

Electromagnetic energy is released by a soul when it outwardly expresses love (a soul attribute) and is absorbed by the individual on the receiving end. Love is transmitted as a positive electromagnetic energy (protons) that bond together to form an electromagnetic band running from the source to the receiver. The exchange of energy stimulates the electromagnetic field of the receiver causing the receiver’s field of energy to literally change vibrational frequency - and then slows the pulse and breathing rate of the receiver. This is the state in which healing is optimum.

Positive energy is what sustains life. And of course we know that positive energy is made by thinking positive thoughts. When you think positive, you generate positive energy which is then transmitted through the electromagnetic field which surrounds your body. When this occurs, the positive energy negates negative energy it comes into contact with, balancing the scales. The more positive energy transmitted, the more negative energy negated. It is really that simple but how easy we forget.

So today, take a big dose of soul nutrition...and love, love, love and love being loved too. What does the world need now? Is love sweet love! xoxoxo SWAK

If this posting resonated with you, consider taking our 10 week 'Science of the Soul' Telecourse that I will be hosting commencing this January 26th.


Copenhagen...Failure is Not an Option

December 7 to 18 the World Leaders gather at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

Objective: There are four essentials questions that the world must receive positive and clear answers on in order for this years conference to be deemed a success. The new climate treaty will be replacing the Kyoto Protocol, adopted in Kyoto, Japan, in December 1997 and entered into force on 16 February 2005.
  1. How much are the industrialized countries willing to reduce their emissions of greenhouse gases?
  2. How much are major developing countries such as China and India willing to do to limit the growth of their emissions?
  3. How is the help needed by developing countries to engage in reducing their emissions and adapting to the impacts of climate change going to be financed?
  4. How is that money going to be managed?
FYI - George Bush and the US Senate never enacted the treaty. Ironically ~ they felt is was contra to the US economy. An entire decade lost and too many losses to mention.

Failure to act this time around is not an option. But action is not just required on the level of government. It is also required from us, the individual, the consumer. Buy less, buy local, keep our carbon footprint at a minimum. We can make our purchases count as a vote for planetary renewal.


Say what?!...

"With its new recommendations, the USPSTF is essentially telling women that mammography at age 40 to 49 saves lives; just not enough of them. The task force says screening women in their 40s would reduce their risk of death from breast cancer by 15 percent, just as it does for women in their 50s. BUT because women in their 40s are at lower risk of the disease than women 50 and above, the USPSTF says the actual number of lives saved is not enough to recommend widespread screening."

Perhaps you saw this recent report in this weeks news. The US Preventative Services Task Force (a George Bush initiative), recommended to US health insurance that widespread screening is not necessary for women in their 40's! Predictably this will lead to insurance companies jumping on the opportunity to save itself more money - disallowing mammograms to women under 50 years of age - which in turn will lead to many thousands, even millions of women choosing not to go for regular screening because of the added cost, and hence will predictably lead to many pre-mature deaths. This is outrageous, shameful and I hope that American women stand up and say enough is enough!


Mercy for Animals

I know for many people it is very difficult to watch undercover investigations that expose the cruelty taking place in animal factory farms and fur farms. I used to turn away from such imagery, however, as I have grown older and more determined to make a difference in this world, I have found the inner strength to view these types of videos allowing them to empower me and give strength for my convictions.

It is no secret I am an advocate for the protection of animal welfare, and have as a business owner eliminated all animal meat at Grail Springs, moving into a compassionate vegetarian pH approach to diet which also happens to be the healthiest diet. Some say it was a business risk. I say it is a matter of conscience and wish I had acted on it sooner. Vegetarianism is the most sustainable, planet friendly diet so there are many benefits in the bigger scheme of things.

This video and the cruelty that takes place, if you have the strength to watch it, and I hope you do, occurs in 5,800 slaughter houses every single day just in the US alone. You cannot watch this video and not demand mercy for farm animals. Join the 12 million plus members of Care2, sign their petitions, get involved, make your voice count.

The number one thing you can do right now is enact your power as a consumer by not purchasing cruelty ridden products.


Received an important lesson in EMF's: Electric Magnetic Field Safety...What you can do to protect yourself

Had experts here at my home yesterday giving an assessment of my 'dirty electricity', and me a personal lesson about the health consequences of microwave radiation exposure from wireless technologies - such as my wi-fi, my lap top, cell and my cordless home phones. These exposures are becoming better known as some of the hidden reasons behind illnesses - possibly 35% of the population may be affected. You may be sensitive to EMF's (Electric Magnetic Field) without realizing it. Here are some symptoms listed below:
  • confusion or poor short term memory or 'brain fog'
  • headaches, dizziness, numbness and even tremors
  • nausea or general feeling of being unwell
  • fatigue and weakness
  • problems with vision and hearing, buzzing in ear
  • depression, anxiety, mood disorders
  • skin problems such as rashes, arthritic pain
Much more research and dialogue will come out in the next year on this subject - coincidentally Dr Oz aired a show on it yesterday. Here are some of the things I have done to protect myself and my family and how you can get started as well:
  • contact an EMF specialist to come and do an inspection/read of your home. You'll get a full demonstration. Cost: approx. $300 depending on the size of your home.
  • specialist can install filters throughout your home to stop the free flow of EMF's into your environment. Cost per filter is approx $40. My 2100 sq ft home took 15 filters
  • change all of your cordless phones in your home back to corded phones (yes I know - no more multi-tasking unless you buy a really long cord!)
  • move your hard drive and wireless antennas as far away as possible, behind your desk.  It is ideal if you can put a piece of wood between you and it.
  • never buy a metal desk as this acts as a conduit for EMF's. Buy a wooden desk.
  • purchase a piece of silver lined shielding fabric to throw over your hard drive (looks like a piece of white muslin, approx $100)
  • use cell phone as little as possible
  • purchase a keyboard that you can plug into your laptop, allowing you to distance yourself an extra foot or two away from it. You want to get your hands off the main keyboard belonging to the laptop.
Here are more articles and expert interviews on EMF health and safety:

And you can call 1 877 987-5185 or send a message to EMF Solutions Canada and book an appointment to have your home inspected for harmful EMFs.

Though I had no symptoms that I was aware of, I started to wonder if this really weird rash that has been hounding me for about one year now has something to do with my wi-fi antennae located under my desk. Blotchy itchy patches on my legs appearing and disappearing ever so often - my wi-fi was installed about a year ago. And btw - not the doctor, not the skin specialist, and no testing so far can figure out the cause...hmmm....have to wonder. I am sure you don't really want to hear about my rash problem however it will be interesting to see, now that my house is pretty much EMF free, will it be the end of this curious rash! Will keep you posted...:o)


Victory & Freedom for Animals in Canada and LONG Overdue!!...

Yes! Some backbone shown in our House of Parliament this past Friday November 6th. Canada has adopted the 'Universal Declaration for Animal Welfare'. We are one of many, many countries around the globe now taking a stand to end the rampant cruelty inflicted on animals ~ from domestic companion animals, to circus animals, to farm factory animals and animals heading to slaughter houses. The despicable conditions, inhumane treatment and cruelty that has been shamefully accepted as 'the norm', may soon come to an end. The world is at last getting right with their conscience on this important matter, recognizing that animals are sentient beings, capable of feeling pain. The days of turning a blind eye is over. A huge thank you to the power of the world wide web for that!

Here are the '5 FREEDOMS' outlined in the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare which will be presented to the United Nations next year:
  • Freedom from hunger, thirst and malnutrition
  • Freedom from fear and distress
  • Freedom from physical and thermal discomfort
  • Freedom from pain and disease
  • Freedom to express normal patterns of behaviour
For the first time in a very long time I feel proud to be a Canadian. Since founding HART: Highland Animal Rescue Team back in 1994, I was involved in countless rescues of animals in distress from puppy mills to back road breeders to unbelievable cruelty cases including the drownings, shootings and discarding of poor performing hunting dogs, to unwanted puppies and kittens. This, just to name a few. Besides the heartache of witnessing such acts of cruelty by man on their animal companions, the real frustrations came with the lack of laws to protect the victims. My hope is now we can move forward with new legislation and start passing laws that will give more power to the police to press charges, harsher fines and longer jail times. Along with raising awareness, making puppy mills illegal, ending the shameful seal hunt, we might just start to see a shift and watch ourselves benefit from becoming a more conscious, compassionate and benevolent society.


Ervin Laszlo, WorldShift 2012 & Signing Global Emergency Declaration

I was privileged to attend Dr. Ervin Laszlo's book launch this past Wednesday in Toronto, 'WorldShift 2012' - a handbook for conscious change that could transform the current world crisis into planetary renewal. AND to also have dinner with him! During that time we talked of course about the state of the world. I had to really concentrate as part of me was in disbelief that I was actually sitting having dialogue with what is considered to be one of the greatest minds on the planet. Twice nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Laszlo wrote in partnership with the Dalai Lama the mission for The Club of Budapest founded in 1993. He has played an active role most of his life developing and promoting new ways of thinking that will create a healthy and sustainable future for a planet. Needless to say we had a lively and inspiration conversation and plan to work together in the near future.

Please read and add your signature to the State of Global Emergency Declaration drafted by Ervin Laszlo and his colleague David Woolfson, to be presented to the UN in 2010.


How You Can Become An Advocate Today. Your Voice Counts NOW.

UN Climate Agency declares "Best solution to climate change is for us all to become vegetarians."

I am so pleased to see an influx of good articles lately pushing the point of how destructive commercial animal farming is to the climate. The United Nations has announced that 51% of all carbon emissions are due to commercial animal farming. That's astounding. It's more than all the planes, trains, ships and automobiles put together. Check out the article written by Heather Moore of Care2. You might also like to sign up to become an advocate for your favorite cause. It's amazing the power of the internet. I've seen laws put into place within weeks of petitions circling around the globe. And you can even create your own petition.

How You Can Become an Advocate Today: Dedicate 10 minutes of your day to pro-activism of your choice. My passion is animal welfare and the environment. I have a few alert lists that I belong to like the World Wildlife Fund, Peta, International Humane Society, and Care2. Care2 is an excellent community to get involved with. Go to:  Take a few minutes to get familiar with them. Then choose your causes and sign up for the alerts. They'll send you petitions specific to your passion. It takes seconds to sign and then you can also share them easily with your facebook or twitter communities.


WorldShift: See Ervin Lazlo in Toronto this Wednesday November 4th, 7pm

If any of you live in Toronto and can get to Indigo Manulife Centre this Wednesday, you'll have a chance to meet the brilliant Ervin Lazlo, there to speak and do a book signing for the release of his "WorldShift 2012: Making Green Business, New Politics & Higher Consciousness Work Together" (McArthur Publishing). Ervin Lazlo is considered one of the most brilliant scientific minds of the 21st century ~ a uniquely integrated view of science and spirituality.

I have a connection with Lazlo as we share the same agent. Introduced him to my Canadian publisher Kim McArthur and viola. Some exciting news will soon be announced as we are planning a World Shift 20 Conference to be held at Grail Springs this June 2010, a shadowing event to the G20 World Summit, held at Deerhurst in Huntsville, Ontario. While the world leaders are meeting there, other world leaders will be meeting here, Ervin Lazlo one of them. So stay tuned as we make a formal press announcement!

To become a member of WorldShift 2012 visit the site at and find out how you can get involved with this new organization dedicated to social innovation. Read and sign the Declaration which is quickly gathering thousands of signatures world wide.

Stay tuned!


Age of Conscience

I’ve never been so glad to get home to my little corner of heaven on earth. My romantic feelings for Paris have changed forever. The French are oblivious to global warming and any 'green' global campaign. There were no sign of awareness – not a poster, not a billboard, no ads in any magazine. Quite the opposite shown with their indulgence of imported products especially from China, cigarettes, cars, furs, and they’ll eat anything that breathes. It was very painful at times to see past this ignorance and enjoy the magnificence of the city. I've been in mourning for a week.

This trip was a deeply moving one on every spiritual level – a reminder of the extremes we now live in. There is no time to waste. The planet is in crisis. It is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work; become an advocate for something, anything.

What I know for sure - the world crisis is not an economic one, not a military, religious or cultural one. The world crisis is a spiritual one. Humanity has lost any sense of connection with the holy and therein lays the problem. Right thinking, right action, right relationship - all lost because of the disconnection from spirit. And what’s shamefully worse - it is socially 'uncool' to be spiritual. It’s dancing with the ‘woo woo' as some of my own colleagues express with an arrogance I must say. It is shallow in the truest sense of the word, inactive, unbecoming, and damn boring rhetoric.

We live in a world unplugged. We've replaced spirit with any other kind of white noise that will entertain us, take up space in our mind so as to drown out the real light, the 'voice of conscience', the steady golden rod of spirit that just is. We drown it out so we can serve our selves, so we don’t hear or feel the strike of conscience. We are numb.

I'll take much more time to reflect on my experiences over the next few weeks and months. What I know for sure now - I'll be turning up the volume on my own innate voice of conscience. A challenge for sure, but I truly believe it is this voice of conscience, when reinstated in our humanity, will change the world overnight. Just imagine if everyone man and woman woke up with their conscience in place tomorrow morning, what a different world it would be.

I think it very hip, very cool, and completely relevant.