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Heaven's Kitchen Reports: Top Chefs, Hotels and Restaurants Go 'Meatless'!


World renown chefs, hotels and restaurants are joining the meatless movement by offering vegetarian and vegan dishes in their establishments. This is welcoming news for the health and wellbeing of people, animals and planet.

Casino owner Steve Wynn announced that he has made vegan options mandatory at all of his Los Vegas properties which predictably will have a domino effect all the way down the Vegas strip. His vegan menus are not your typical 'salad greens with bottled dressing', but a substantial and sophisticated choice menu for any foodie.

I was also over-the-top delighted to hear that Iron Chef Mario Batali has joined "Meatless Mondays" campaign, offering vegetarian dishes in all of his restaurants from Los Angeles, Las Vegas to New York. His logic, "to reduce meat consumption in order to improve personal health and the health of our planet."

Tal Ronnan, aka 'The Conscious Cook' who created Oprah Winfrey's vegan based 21-day cleanse, was invited to train upcoming chefs in vegan cooking at the famous French culinary school Le Cordon Bleu in St. Louis. Now that's a shift!

And there are so many other chefs, too many to mention, who are making the shift from carnivore to vegetarian to vegan. Once a chef has seen the shocking videos of what animals endure at factory farms and slaughter houses they rethink their role and impact. It is hard to turn a blind eye from the devastating impact animal factory farming has on climate change unless you are completely void of conscience. 'Old school' is quickly becoming 'extinct'. which is exactly what needs to happen before we do.

Hell's Kitchen Gordon Ramsey take note...Heaven's Kitchen is heating up!

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