The Quest Continues!...

It feels almost impossible to express the complexity of feelings when I dream of ancient times, especially those related to the "quest for the Holy Grail". Whenever I hear those five words spoken, I am sure my heart skips a beat. I am not exactly certain when I first became aware of the legends surrounding the Grail but it seems they have been with me all my life. I do have one childhood memory though from very early on that occurred during the summer of '68 that stirred my soul's calling. My grandfather and I had walked up a hillside capped by an old monastery. As we sat in the pew he filled my mind with stories of enemy invasions, the fight between the virtuous and the corrupt, and described how the monks protected thier secret scrolls and treasures by hiding them inside the backs of the pew so the invaders would not find them. Lo and behold he reached out, sliding the back of the pew aside and revealed a secret pocket. Whether he was making up stories or not, I was hooked! To this day I am not sure which I love more....the 'mystery of life', not knowing everything.... or revelation itself.

How about you?

I hope we travel together over the next months and maybe years. Whether you have been a guest of Grail Springs or dream of coming one day soon, I invite you to become part of this growing community, whose common interests are in creating lifestyles of health and sustainability; focusing on being well, fitness, environment, self development, spirituality, animal welfare and social justice!

I welcome you to this new forum! Please feel free to contribute or ask questions in the light of our common goals.  ~ Sincerely, Madeleine Marentette