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The Consumer Revolution

It is appropriate once again, that today I am cozied up in a tiny boutique hotel in the Latin Quarter of Paris where I just discovered that an infamous, yet small group of American poets lived for several years. They had started an entire movement you might recall, known as "The Beat Generation". I remember them more for their protests against the Vietnam war then for their poetry. The Beat Generation, the Cathars, the French Revolutionists, the Knight Templar - it's always the same story repeating itself.... There is an injustice on freedom, a small group gathers in a home, shares similar perspective and passion, and an oath is taken to stick together to fight the bad guys until freedom is restored.

Here we are again battling against the bad guy capitalists that have rocked our world but this time the perpetrators also include ourselves....the consumer. Our overindulgence in harmful and unnecessary products to seemingly make our life easier, stripping our planet of its shield, obliterating every natural resources in existence, raising farm animals in such cruel conditions only to slaughter them within six short months of their life, the 'ridiculousness-list' goes on. We are truly a most unconscious, self-absorbed group in history on mass.

"We the People" were those who suffered the social injustices from the few. Now 'We the People" are the invaders.  If I didn't know that evolution was a principle law of the universe, I would swear we were going backwards.

This trip has been good reminder that I need not keep thinking that there is some grand global idea that is going to change the world, but rather, it can begin right in our own backyard, a living room, the kitchen table, at Grail Springs, and deciding as a small group of friends, family, citizens, what oath can we take right now as consumers to change our ways and change the world?

What I plan to do so far: Grail Springs has gone completely vegetarian as of last month. And very soon we will have clean electricity throughout the building. I promise to buy locally whenever and wherever possible, cut back on travel, do more tele-conferencing for business meetings rather than meeting in person, buy carbon credits, and focus on local markets versus international markets. That was a huge revelation to me that was a hard one to swallow. But hey - until we figure out a new way to live peacefully with our host Mother Earth - I'm joining the new "Consumer Revolution".

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