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Women on the Leading Edge of an Evolutionary Leap. SAVE THE DATE: June 27 to July 4th for The Grail Lady Faire!

It's been a decade in the making... now in gestation. Due date: June 27th. It's 'The Grail Lady Faire'. I could barely sleep last night. You know when something is right when it comes with ease, flow and acceptance. Just hours after going live with the event yesterday I fielded dozens of email inquiries from friends, family, colleagues, and even a male friend who is trying figure ways to qualify! I sense this is going to be one of the most magical, inspirational, evocative, and important weeks of my life, and the life of many other women. It's a pivotal point for great change and transformation, both personally and for the planet. One thing I know for sure, every woman counts.

There is a rising tide, a paradigm shift on its way. It's out with the old, in with the new. But it is up to women to decide the outcome. It is up to women to finally empower themselves with their innate female gifts that were for so long suppressed and hidden, to dig deep and rediscover their conviction and take leadership roles. It is time to put away the old fears and brainwashed ideas of female limitation. It is time to grab our swords and shields and charge to the front lines. Sounds like a war cry. It is a battle but a battle of a different kind. Our swords represent 'right thought in action', the shield represents 'the oath of justice, truth and freedom for all'. I am in my mind's eye just now visioning my favorite cinema scene of all time ~ Kate Blanchett as Queen Elizabeth in her final battle with the patriarchal Spanish Armada. An etheric vision of spirit fully embodied with the heart and mind of a true leader.

If you too have heard the call, and feel compelled to act then please join with us on June 27th to July 4th as we answer the call with sword and shield in hand and begin to co-create together a new world of love, peace, truth and freedom for all.

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