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Sign petition today and pass it on! China about to ban cats and dogs for human consumption! This is a huge step towards a more humane China.

I'll never forget the first time I witnessed a film expose on the cat and dog markets of Beijing in the early 90's. Larry King gave fair warning that what we were about to see was shocking. Not in my wildest dreams could I have ever imagined such cruelty and I suffered many a nightmare for years following. Millions of others watched in horror as well and it soon captured the awareness of the masses worldwide. Many thought this practice would end when Beijing won the Olympic bid for 2008 but it was only hidden deeper in the bowels of the city so the general public could not see. Well it's been two decades of ongoing pressure from other governments and international animal welfare groups and finally now ~ China is slated to ban cats and dogs from human consumption, imposing heavy fines to individuals and restaurants who continue to do so. This change has come from the rising pet-loving middle class. But the fight has not been won as yet. Please sign this petition today and pass it on. This is a monumental vote for China's government, people and pets. The beginning of the end of a cruel practice.... a more humane China is on its way!

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  1. It's still from from being passed. The propsal is subject to review and redacting. Also the dog/cat meat ban has opt-in clause to accomidate China's diverse culture and custom so it's not an outright ban.