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Grail Lady Faire Inspired ~ by Lee Maidlow

Grail Lady Faire INSPIRED ~ by LEE MAIDLOW: Into the belly of the labyrinth we walked, hand in hand opening our heart of hearts. Rains fell in cleansing form. The winds of change blew in. Alternating sun and cloud moved in synchronized fashion with laughter, tears, and celebration as the Earth drew out the authenticity of each woman present. We heard the call and embraced the magic of each moment.

Incredible speakers, amazing workshops and the divine feminine energies wove a web of connectivity. Layer upon layer melted away. Outmoded facades dropped, effortlessly as we embraced the warmth of real, each in ways intimate and unique.

The Grail Lady Faire 2010 was indeed transformational. Some women graced the Faire with their presence for the full 8 days. Others came to the Canadian Shield, from near and far, for the lingering flash of their presence to be felt by the very ground that called them to hold space.

We reached the belly of the labyrinth, in our own way, shape, form, space and time. Standing naked to the power that we are, we breathed as one. The 'Call to Action' drew us out as our transformational experience led. Cleansed, nourished, activated and encircled in sea star hood, with intuited knowing we co creatively balanced as one. In ways so magically intertwined the effect of the 'Empowered Women's Woodstock' on each participant and beyond will be felt in ways expansive and all inclusive for quite some time.

Until next years Grail Lady Faire set for June 27 to July 4, 2011 the interplay will grow, as it is divinely woven. Dreamers shall stage connectivity, for we rose to the occasion. We heard the call of the Eagle and the Condor and the mysteries of these transformative times ring from each cell in each part of the body of earth where nothing but love will remain. I for one most certainly appreciate with smiles and giggles the syncro eventualities the heart field coordinated, with blessings by, Madeleine Marentette and the Grail Team for my presence at the Faire.

Three cheers to humanities sovereignty. May we listen, share and act with and for earth and prepare for further balancing as more light infiltrates our corner of the universe.

Again in 2011 we will walk into the labyrinth in Central Ontario Canada and listen!

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