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Canada's 1st Ever Summer Festival for Women Who Care About the Planet! Only 5 days away...

Millions of women today are experiencing a welling up inside; a profound sense of urgency to act, to be of service to planet, children, our elders, animals, environment, and to each other. Whether it is a vision to build a green company, produce a green product, deliver a message, a program, or a project, it is this inflow of a divine spiritual impulse that has us journey forward into uncharted territory, compelling us to find creative ways to restore environmental sustainability, social justice and spiritual fulfillment for our World.

Grail Spring's Transformation Retreat Center in Canada is pleased to present the World's first ever women's 7-day summer festival, where we open our hearts, mind and Spirit to the incoming feminine. Join 150 plus women, including over 20 thought leaders, authors, wisdom keepers, performers, musicians, recording artists, women on the evolutionary edge of a movement. Learn, embrace and embody the divine feminine principles that have historically been written out of mankind’s history. Once lost but now found, this will prove to be a provocative seven days of realization, communion and revelation, of thoughts long neglected. Find out why we as women hold the keys to the future of our planet! Here is a list of the keynote speakers. Plus there are another 20 women presenting workshops throughout the week.
  • Dale Allen, Inspirational Speaker
  • Janet Attwood, The Passion Test
  • Bernadina Catari Alvarez, Wisdom Keeper, Peru
  • Debbie Danbrook, Recording Artist
  • Imani, Mamalution Revolution
  • Lili Fournier, Producer
  • Pamela Gerrand, Recording Artist
  • Siri Sevak Kaur, teacher of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan
  • Vera Lopez, Wisdom Keeper, Brazil
  • Spryte Loriano, President Humanity Unites Brilliance
  • Madeleine Marentette, Author, Founder of Grail Spring's Retreat
  • Marcia Martin, One Degree Media
  • Minnie Matoush, Wisdom Keeper Cree Nation
  • Caroline Mills, Green Business
  • Dr. Christine Page, Bestselling Author 'Spiritual Alchemy'
  • Tracey Penington, Ripple Energetics
  • Debra Poneman, Inspirational Speaker, Author 'Chicken Soup for the American Idol Soul'
  • Dr. Sugar Singleton, Braveheart Women
  • ALisa Starkweather, Founder of the Red Tent Temple Movement
  • Pat Potter, Enviromental Activist and builder of 'Earth Home'

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