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Me to We ~ It's a Matter of Perspective

If you have young, bored teenagers in your household and they haven't heard about the 'Me to We' movement founded by two young Canadians Marc and Craig Kielburger, I'd highly recommend that you sit down together and check out the website If your kids are inspired by this call to action directed towards young people, trust me, they'll never need to complain about being bored again.

Me to We was inspired over ten years ago according to Fred Kielburger, the boys father who I met this past September 30th when kindly invited by a visiting Grail guest to sit in the Kielburger family box at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. It was worth every minute of the five hour return trip. To hear and feel the energy of the collective roar of 20,000 teenagers shouting the cries of 'Freedom!' for every child around the world who suffers poverty, abuse, slavery or war, even now just gives me goosebumps. Opening with Deepak Chopra and followed by a continued line up of inspirational musicians, philanthropists and survivors of war and destruction delivering incredible stories of triumph over tribulation, made me walk away with certainty that there is an undeniable tidal wave of positive change happening around the world, even in the most darkest places.

The movement 'Me to We', is exactly that. It is a movement that takes us from the ideas of separation to that of union. From competition, to collaboration. It is a mind-set. I'll be honest, there was a day when I was of the separate, competitive mind-set and it was not a fun road to travel. Then exactly three years ago someone handed me a book called 'Me to We: Finding Meaning in a Material World'. And another light switch turned on at just the right time in my life.

From that day forward I consciously began to reach out to other entrepreneurs and actionists in the spirit of true collaboration and cooperation. And wow did life take off, climbing upwards and onwards into the stratosphere of open possibilities. Life just got fun, and better, and still gets better in every way both personally, spiritually and in business.  Perception IS everything. Moving from the 'me' to the 'we' perspective will reveal your true life destiny.

As I sat in what was the best seat in the house, no sooner had I arrived and introduced myself, I was immediately collaborating and talking possibilities with a most intriguing young doctor who started a medical clinic in the mountains of Tibet. As it happens, he is also a huge advocate of meditation and integrated medicine. Now how can it get any better than that? Stay tuned! And get yourself into the WE stratosphere!

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