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Anastasia: A True Living Avatar

I barely have time to write these days let alone find the necessary time it takes to read a book cover to cover. But each time I have had that privilege it was because of a compelling urge within, and as it turns out, those books have each had a monumental impact on my life. What I know now... listen to those compelling impulses and messages from the Universe. There is a very good reason why they are being transmitted to you.

The book 'Anastasia' by Vladamir Megre (one in a series of eight) is no exception, three individuals insisting within weeks of each other that I must read this book. So when the opportunity arose last week to choose reading material for a cross-country flight to British Columbia, I chose Anastasia. And I am forever grateful and forever changed once again because of the written word.

I now understand why my friends were so insistent and also why they had so much trouble describing the book to me. Ironically, I really had no clue as to what the book was about, yet I was compelled to read it.

Before I got to the part where she reveals to Megre, a seemingly innocent bystander who became her scribe, that she had deposited something of a magical secret code into the book, and that any who would read it would experience and gain a shift in consciousness, I was without a doubt experiencing that shift.  I knew that something quite extraordinary, somewhat indescribable, but also familiar, was happening to me.  It was other-worldly, magical and fantastical. And I was so glad for it. I'm still wafting in that energy and don't ever wish to get off this holy cloud.

When I caught up with my son Michael at my mother's ocean-side home on mystical Bowen Island cocooned in heavy mist, crashing waves and ancient cedars (which have more meaning to me now then ever before), I read to him each night and we both realized something wonderful; there is an ancient esoteric story that I have known about for over twenty years; that there walks upon the earth, seven living individuals called ‘Avatars’. Each representing and possessing a special ‘Ray’ or gift.  We believe Anastasia is one of these true living Avatars, one who works in full communion with Nature and it's Laws. I have known of no others until now. 

Anastasia, her presence in my life and in humanities life today is timely. I personally was asking to go to the next level of awareness, something new to fill my cup as I have felt somewhat depleted after an intense year of activity. Though I do not know her personally, I felt transported into her presence, and doing so, I embodied what I know is the purity of Spirit in the human form, and a power that exists for us to work in direct communion with the elements of nature. She made me feel and she made me realize that I have much more to explore and reveal within myself and my surroundings, and that though I've touched on this purity of Spirit on occasion, and have a fine respect and relationship with Mother Nature, I have just barely made the first turn on my journey. I am so glad to have been given this new compass. I intend to follow her with open heart and open mind into the next seven books in the series, entitled 'The Ringing Cedars'.

I hope YOU are receiving this transmission...:o)

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  1. message received..I must read this series as I move forward in my quest...alwaysdanny (Diane Lyndon)