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Super Manifesting Your Life Using Celtic Solar Astrology - begin today Dec 21st, full moon Winter Solstice!

Part 1 ~ Winter Solstice
The first full moon in December signifies the beginning of the Winter Solsticewhereby thousands of people around the world begin a conscious process of inner self-reflection while also focusing on their vision for the upcoming year. For many, this process runs from the full moon before the Solstice (December 22nd ) until New Year's Day.
For the ancient Celtics it marked the rebirth of the sun, symbolically moving away from dark and into the light. The Winter Solstice was one of the most important celebrations, a practice going back thousands of years, not only with the Celtics but the Nordics, the Mayans, the Egyptians and many other ancient cultures.  The reverence for solar power took root in organized agriculture, significant to community survival, as well as spiritual rebirth.
Solar astrology is the science of relationships between all living things within the universe. Using this system has proven to be a powerful process in manifesting my own dreams and goals and recognizing my personal responsibility and relationship to the planet. We are significantly influenced by that which is present around us; weather, other people, world events, solar and planetary influences. How aware we are of these influences gives us a better understanding on how to transform these influences into positive experiences in our life.

From December 22nd to March 21st, is when the mind is most potent and fertile for creative thinking as we are burning less energy physically. There are more opportune times to use mental energy and more opportune times to use physically energy (March 21st to June 21st).
From the full moon in December right through to New Year’s Eve, spend time reflecting on what goals you wish to see actualized for the upcoming year.  I happen to have twelve ‘baskets’, areas of life that I am specifically setting goals for this coming year.

A helpful tip...When considering your aspirations for the New Year, make sure you include aspirations for all of you... career, body, mind AND soul. Don't forget about your spiritual needs…and playtime which is often forgotten about. If you are spiritually content and connected, the physical, the career, your relationships, they will get the boost they need and everything will start working in alignment:

·         spiritual growth
·         education
·         financial
·         career
·         philanthropy
·         travel
·         community
·         play
·         hobby
·         planet

After applying this process steadily for almost six years now I am beyond convinced that setting goals ignites the process of manifestation and also attracts opportunities towards me. Of course you have to align yourself with making it happen ~ in other words, you have to create the plan of action and then get to work.
7 Simple STEPS to get started with super manifesting your life:
• STEP 1: Purchase a journal and be sure this journal is only used for the purposes of manifesting your dreams and goals. Make it small enough that you can travel around with it, put in your purse, car or briefcase.

• STEP 2: Ask yourself…. Did I accomplish what I set out to do this past year? And how well did I do it? What didn’t I accomplish and why not? Take a good accounting of the year’s harvest.
 • STEP 3: What did I learn spiritually this past year? This is so important to understand. And what do I have to be grateful for? These answers are full of little pearls of wisdom ~ if you don’t ask or recognize, you’ll miss acknowledging the greatness of what has already happened as a result of your visioning. Gratitude and knowledge are both KEYS to your evolution and desired future.
• STEP 4: Next ~ look towards the New Year. What’s your passion? Get clear about what you want. More than likely ideas have already been brewing in your mind. When you ask a direct question, just wait. You’ll get pretty specific answers and when it feels right, go with it. Tip ~ the response you get always match your level of passion.
• STEP 5: Make New Year's Eve a special night. At some point go sit somewhere, light some candles and get quiet. Collect your thoughts. Make your commitment to YOU. Say it out loud. Read your list of goals that you desire to accomplish. And when you are done, be done. Then go have a great time and celebrate with friends and family. Celebrate the passing of the old, and the welcoming of the new.
• STEP 6: Right after January 1st, begin to align yourself with your goals and dreams. In other words ~ what’s the plan? What do you require to start the process? Write it down. By the time the Spring Equinox - March 21st rolls around you need to be ready to roll up the sleeves and get to work. I call this 'Launch Day' or seed planting day.
 • STEP 7: Take few minutes at the beginning of each and every day to review your goals, vision your goals, and ask what needs to be done next to see it through. It will bring forth new ideas to act upon. Get everything lined up that needs to be lined up. Call the people that need to be called to give you support. Figure out the budget needed. Put everything in place that needs to be in place to ensure success.

And then get ready for ‘Launch Day’ and then get ready to see your dreams and visions come true...!!!

~ excerpt from my bestselling book 'Grail Springs Holistic Detox: For Body, Mind & Spirit'...available at

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  1. Thank you Madeline for this reminder. I know it's way past time for the start of 'Winter solstice' but I needed a little push to get me on board again. I'm always tryng to get back to The Grail but things never align for me to do that.If I can get feeling a little better physically and get back to where I was maybe I can manifest once again being wth you at Grail Springs.
    My dearest wish is to be able to go on this trip with you but my illness has made even walking inpossible this winter.I need your gentle guidance to find myself again.
    Gloria Dollimount