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Oracles of Sacred Animals

We are 'surviving life', not 'living life'. Indigenous peoples from all corners of the world have predicted this moment for thousands of years. Stripping, manipulating and destroying our planets resources; oil, clean water, soil, animals, and each other, have left us in a state of illness and uncertainty.

Modern man has become lost souls in the frenzy of gathering his riches via industrialization and capitalism created by himself for himself after the second world war. When man finally lets go of believing that he is superior to all things, and reconnects with the knowledge that we are One, humanity will experience the indescribable bliss of living in community with nature ~ which is lived and revered here daily at Grail Springs.

We have a forgotten heritage of looking to the elements of nature for answers, guidance and messages. Animals are our ally's. Not a resource. They are our teachers and healers. This sacred relationship has almost evaporated from man's consciousness. Thankfully there is a minority of soulful humans who are holding on to the tradition with all their mightiness, giving hope for its glorious restoration one day. Rooted in the arcane schools of thought, is a fundamental understanding that humans ARE nature, and that the animal kingdom, along with the mineral, plant, human, and soul kingdom, are intrinsic to each other.  The five kingdoms are united as One.

Of late I have been reawakened to study these sacred relationships, animal oracles and totems. I am in the humble midst of intense new understandings and re-connections.

Last week, with eyes wide open I gazed into the eyes of the Hawk messenger.  In Druid tradition he is known as Seabhac, and he represents the magician Merlin. Seabhac brings with him the ability for one to see their life in perspective, to free you from unnecessary baggage and to connect one with their ancestral roots of chivalry, healing, and specifically, the Quest for the Holy Grail. It was a fine day.

Once you know where you come from, you can know where you are meant to go. Perhaps you reading this post today will be a reawakening, to reacquaint yourself with that sacred relationship we are gifted to have with the animal kingdom, assisting human evolution through self-realization and unconditional love, the greatest riches of all the Kingdom...

For Nicolya.
In loving memory of Kaunuk - a true and noble King.

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