Women 2012: The Rise of Smart Power

This year's theme for the Grail Lady Faire was inspired by a Time Magazine article on Hilary Clinton. I've been a long time fan, admiring her conviction and effectiveness delivered with calm and grace. Anytime I try to embody this combination of 'state of being' it produces results with ease and swiftness. It is this same 'ease and flow' that poured through the women who attended last year's GLF, and it continues to be the very same mindset needed to balance and heal the planet. It's smart and it's powerful.

And so it is I wish to bring a recognition of this high state of being, as women rise up to the meet the demands of the time in which we live, who find themselves exploring new horizons, or solidifying the clear destiny that awaits them. I look forward to sharing and hearing the messages that await us once again at this years summer conference & life celebration, no doubt exemplifying the rise of true and smart power the world expects of us today.

I await your arrival with great anticipation...
Madeleine Marentette

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