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Start Celebrating Annual Spiritual Festivals in Your Life Starting with the Wesak, May 3-7

The Wesak is a grand spiritual festival celebrated on the full moon of May (May 5th, 10:36pm EST). It is observed as the annual ‘spiritual conference’ of the Hierarchy – the Christ, the Buddha, the gathering of all Ascended Masters.  A special guest list indeed.

What does this mean to you as an individual?  It is considered a most potent time whereby the Hierarchy's spiritual forces can be poured through the body of the human, also called ‘Days of Distribution’. We are the recipients, and we can also choose to be custodians, capturing as much of that inflowing spiritual force into our body, hearts and minds and allowing it also to pour through us and out to others. 

Beginning May 3rd, two days prior to the full moon, we may focus on that which we wish healed or transformed for ourselves and loved ones.

May 5th, the day of the full moon, we are to simply bathe in the light of the moon, be centred, be quiet, be reverent.

May 6th and 7th, the following two days, we are to now step out of ourselves, but continue to observe and channel this ‘goodwill’ energy via contemplation, actions of service, holding a vision of peace on earth, and peace for every member of humanity, and that they be touched by this transformational energy of the highest order.

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