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Grail Lady Faire is Rising! June 25-29

‘Women 2012: The Rise of Smart Power’ is about the emerging new woman; those who have acquired an intimate re-connection with Mother Earth knowing she is our primary mother. They strive to intertwine this awareness into everything they do, knowing it makes a difference to the future of the planet and to humanity.
Women innately and historically HAVE been the guardians of the Laws of Nature, and our responsibility has always been to pass this wisdom on to the children.  The medicine wheel is a teacher, and a symbol of that awareness. It represents the human journey in so many ways. It is a symbol of many archetypes, our journey from virgin to maiden to mother to crone. It is a symbol of the seasons of the soul from birth to death to rebirth, the four directions, the four elements; earth, water, fire and air, four animal power totems, and so on.

I’ve chosen this symbol for this year’s faire to remind us of our innate bestowal as women, to reconnect with our significant Mother and to re-establish our responsibility as wisdom keepers and teachers of the laws of nature. I truly believe that the answers to a thriving planet, lies in woman's intertwined relationship with Mother Nature. The woman who accomplishes this, is smart, and she is powerful.  Join Us!

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