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The Biology of Magic & Miracles

Which one are you?
"I need to See it to Believe it."     OR
"I Believe it, therefore I See it."

Mind sciences have long understood that new neural pathways are created as a result of our innate curiosity, followed by a concentrated focus on some 'one' thing for a particular length of time. To seek understanding, explore new ideas and new frontiers is the driving energy-force behind human evolution. 'Seek and ye Shall Find', or more to my point, 'Seek and ye shall See Magic'.

Guests have asked many a time if I believe in magic or miracles. I do believe therefore I am able to recognize them when they do happen, and on many levels. According to the dictionary a miracle can be defined as; "a divinely natural phenomenon experienced as the fulfillment of spiritual law." Spiritual laws are simply Laws of Nature. 'Natural' is the key word here, yet the experience still fills us with absolute 'awe' at the pure mastery and beauty of metamorphosis when it takes place.

When you witness an emotional release in another individual from decades of grief and suffering, or a complete about-face in life perspective, magic just happened. There is a spark, and the brain starts to have a party. New neural pathways are created and physical changes in the body start to occur against all assuming odds.

This is the miracle of life. The miracle of restoration and evolution, the magic of Spirit and Presence moving within us that allows us to choose, change, grow and evolve. I have experienced many personal miracles in my life, and privileged to witness magic and miracles moving within the lives of others. I say to you if you are not of the latter, test it out... 'Believe', and you Shall See. Try it, for it is the Biology of Magic and Miracles that appears in all of life's transformations.

~ Madeleine Marentette

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