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Do Your Back Yourself Completely?

The Law of Rebirth is the most natural law of all. Without it, nothing happens. Harness it and you will move forward towards all that you are meant to be.

Just like a planet moving on its natural course, we too can hop on to our own natural pathway - a course that brings us to our destiny. Until we ask to unlock the box and find the key, it merely sits there quietly as 'potential'.

Take time to pause and meditate on this. Ask to feel the impulse of your soul potential, to show you what is possible. When it opens, move towards it and it will rise up to greet you.

When you tune in to this particular energy, images and dreams of what is possible, will appear in the minds eye. In order for something to be born, someone must see it first. Give focus to your vision, massage it, breathe life into it. Feel the positive outcome of its existence and the joy it brings others. When the heart invests in your vision, you will have unlocked the secrets of creation and success.

March is the time to plant the seeds of new inspirations. Expect your dreams to come true. New life IS on its way. Change happens. You can either be a passenger, or steer the magic carpet yourself. I love a good road trip, but only if I can drive...Bon Voyage!
Plant the Seed. And Back Yourself Completely. The Universe Does.

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