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Age of Conscience

I’ve never been so glad to get home to my little corner of heaven on earth. My romantic feelings for Paris have changed forever. The French are oblivious to global warming and any 'green' global campaign. There were no sign of awareness – not a poster, not a billboard, no ads in any magazine. Quite the opposite shown with their indulgence of imported products especially from China, cigarettes, cars, furs, and they’ll eat anything that breathes. It was very painful at times to see past this ignorance and enjoy the magnificence of the city. I've been in mourning for a week.

This trip was a deeply moving one on every spiritual level – a reminder of the extremes we now live in. There is no time to waste. The planet is in crisis. It is time to roll up the sleeves and get to work; become an advocate for something, anything.

What I know for sure - the world crisis is not an economic one, not a military, religious or cultural one. The world crisis is a spiritual one. Humanity has lost any sense of connection with the holy and therein lays the problem. Right thinking, right action, right relationship - all lost because of the disconnection from spirit. And what’s shamefully worse - it is socially 'uncool' to be spiritual. It’s dancing with the ‘woo woo' as some of my own colleagues express with an arrogance I must say. It is shallow in the truest sense of the word, inactive, unbecoming, and damn boring rhetoric.

We live in a world unplugged. We've replaced spirit with any other kind of white noise that will entertain us, take up space in our mind so as to drown out the real light, the 'voice of conscience', the steady golden rod of spirit that just is. We drown it out so we can serve our selves, so we don’t hear or feel the strike of conscience. We are numb.

I'll take much more time to reflect on my experiences over the next few weeks and months. What I know for sure now - I'll be turning up the volume on my own innate voice of conscience. A challenge for sure, but I truly believe it is this voice of conscience, when reinstated in our humanity, will change the world overnight. Just imagine if everyone man and woman woke up with their conscience in place tomorrow morning, what a different world it would be.

I think it very hip, very cool, and completely relevant.

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  1. Completely agree. We all need to rekindle our connection to the Sacred. Just finished a wonderful book along similar lines..."Creating Peace by Being Peace", by Gabriel Cousens. I highly recommend it!
    Linda B.