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David Wolfe Shine's the Light on the Best Day Ever!

Walking home across the grass meadow from Grail Springs will never be the same again. Rather than having my head up in the clouds I’ll be focused on the ground foraging for my lunch! Thanks to live food guru David Wolfe who delivered a revelatory presentation to a packed house in the Great Hall this past Friday, we were inspired to get back to raw nature and the gifts she delivers to us.  

Just yesterday, I picked a handful of some remaining wild red clover, munched them down with a funny curiosity.  These are supposed to be good for hot flashes.  They were a little dry but had a surprising sweetness in more ways than one. There was something very satisfying, joyful and hugely profound in this simple act.

It is no coincidence that David arrived here this past week after first discovering and meeting him exactly seven years ago at a health show in Toronto. Grail Springs has been activating the next step in its evolutionary life; sustainable permaculture.

Wikipedia definition of ‘Permaculture’: An approach to designing human settlements and agricultural systems that mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies.

With the help of a team of permaculture consultants from New York, and a sustainability expert from Connecticut who spent a few days here last week analyzing the property and delivering a plan, we are committed to getting Grail Springs off the grid as much as possible over the next few years. This event along with the discovery of the Anastasia book series ‘The Ringing Cedars’ last month and then David’s visit made it clear, there is a divine plan at hand here.  And we are listening.

Simply said, creating a 'Heaven on Earth' at Grail Springs has always been the vision and goal. Every decision is made from this awareness. Starting from the inside out, we've successfully delivered transformational programs to thousands of individuals over seventeen years based on a tried and true holistic model; that all things are connected; body, mind, heart and Spirit. And the Mother Earth. There is a definitive truth that I know for sure... "What is good for us, is good for the planet. And what is good for the planet is good for us." No two ways about it. My hope is that Grail Springs becomes a working model for others to follow suit.

I am dancing in this new light of awakening, inspiration and action. I am grateful for the team that has gathered and is committed to the big picture vision both for Grail Springs and abroad. I'm reveling in the energy of excitement for what is possible. And right now, in this moment I am truly feeling this is 'The Best Day Ever' (aka David Wolfe website

And together we create 'The Best Planet Ever'!

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