Go Vegetarian in 2010 ~ THE most impactful choice YOU can make to save our Planet AND get healthly. It's a WIN WIN.

When is the last time you did something for your own wellbeing that benefited everyone else? That is what happens when you choose not to buy or consume animal products and move to a plant-based diet.  Not only are you making the right choices for body, mind and conscience, you are majorly reducing your carbon impact on the planet.

Did you know that the fields across the planet that are filled with cow manure waste emit 20 times more menathe gas into the atmosphere then CO2? This scientific finding from the EPA (Environment Protection Agency) has rich cattle ranchers up in arms as they are being required to clean up their business. And as can be expected the fight is on as they turn to politicians to support their polluting industry. And they just might get it as $$ talk in Congress as per usual.

We can't afford to wait for politicians or cattlemen to clean up their act or our planet for us. This world is primed to change from an old paradigm to a new one, but this time it has to come from the ground up. Us. Our non-purchase of animal products is our vote against further destruction to this planet. This is our voice speaking that we will not tolerate the continuous stripping of our precious resources.  There is nothing more you can do to save the planet then to go vegetarian, more than switching to a hybrid!

As head of the United Nations Environmental Committee announced earlier this year, "The most impactful thing we can all do to save the planet, is to go vegetarian."

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