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Chakra Energy Health

The bio-energy field surrounds every living thing, from a planet, human being, animal, tree, leaf to a cell. Today science can read this frequency as it appears by way of a light and colour spectrum resulting from bio-feedback or bio-pulsar measurements. Here are the seven Major Chakra Centres and their corresponding Colour, Glands and Organs. Next time you come to Grail Springs you can have your aura/chakra health photographed with our latest investment in this dynamic technology!

7th Crown: White~Pineal~All Organs
6th Third Eye: Indigo~Pituitary~Brain
5th Throat: Turquoise~Thyroid~Larynx
4th Heart: Green~Thymus~Spleen (organ of vitality)
3rd Solar Plexus: Yellow~Pancreas~Stomach
2nd Sacral: Orange~Adrenal~Sex
1st Base: Red~Gonads~Kidney

What you can do to create excellent energy health!
* take 5 mins daily to breathe, rest and relax; restore calm in heart and mind
* learn a new meditation
* take up yoga or Pilates
* run or do some type of cardio 10 mins per day
* start your day with the 6-min Grail World Mantra
* book yourself at least one energy therapy per month; chakra balancing, Reiki, Cranio-sacral therapy, Therapeutic Touch, Aromatherapy
* take a Himalayan salt bath once a week
* never stay mad, committ to finding your resolve each and every day
* eat live food vs dead food; as much organic locally grown vegetables as possible
* check-in to Grail Springs for a 'me' balancing retreat!

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  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these chakra books?