The Kind Diet ~ A simple guide to losing weight, feeling great and saving the planet!

I was beyond thrilled to tune in to Oprah last night, my usual 'end of day therapy' while trying out a new dairy free broccoli and cauliflower soup. Alicia Silverstone was discussing her new book 'The Kind Diet' which I purchased just before Christmas. There is truly a food revolution happening out there and it is timely and exciting to see. Our planet is in peril for sure - BUT the same message we ourselves have been promoting here at Grail Springs keeps delightfully showing up in the media lately.... "If we choose health for ourselves, we are choosing health for our planet!"  YES!!!

It is true on every front. If we buy local, buy organic and embrace a vegetarian based diet, we will see an enormous reduction in disease affliction and carbon emissions causing global warming. Not to mention of course the obvious - the end of pure animal exploitation and cruelty that is clearly inhumane and unconscionable.  It is really quite simple what needs to be done. Never mind 'Nopenhagen'. We as individual consumers have the absolute power to impact and reverse climate change. Now. And we can also solve the health care crisis, child obesity, water shortage and the list goes on.

Best quote I heard last night... "The less you are willing to spend on fresh wholesome foods, the more you are going to spend on health care."

Alicia's book is a must have, not just for vegetarians or vegans but for those who are sitting on the fence, unsure of how to get started. She offers fantastic step by step advise for the newbie who is 'Flirting' as she calls it, to the vegan 'Superhero'! Buy it! You'll love it. You'll feel great, lose weight and save the planet at the same time. http://www.amazon.ca/Kind-Diet-Simple-Feeling-Losing/dp/1605296449

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  1. Fantastic article Madeleine.
    “ We must be the change, we wish to see in the world” It is in our hands to better our lives and the lives of those we love around us. Making the shift from factory farming, animal cruelty, artery clogging, cancer causing, diabetes etc..... to fresh, wholesome , plant foods that are going to fuel our bodies optimally while saving our planet at the same time. How GREAT is that. We can't go wrong!
    Its all about awareness. Getting past life conditionings into a whole new healthy perspective on diet.
    Truly caring enough about ourselves and our planet. Lets make a difference together :)

    I loved that quote too..... The less you are willing to spend on fresh wholesome foods, the more you are going to spend on health care." SO TRUE!!!
    The more we as consumers purchase of fresh , wholesome , plant based foods, the cheaper it will become to purchase in the future. We all need to work together.
    Alicia keystones book is fantastic- a definite must read :)