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What are some doctors calling THE missing link for disease prevention and balanced weight?... Why it’s the pH Balanced Approach to Diet!

After seven years of presenting a pH balanced acid/alkaline meal plan at Grail Springs, Canada’s Premiere Health Spa and Wellness Center, I am utterly convinced it is indeed THE missing link to weight management, disease prevention, healing and maintaining the highest-level of wellness for life.

Bonus factor; it can also help to save the planet! pH balance is primarily maintained in the body by eating lots of lots vegetables, especially our greens. Kale for instance is one of the highest alkaline foods. Animal protein on the other hand is highly acidic food.

There are so many wonderful substitutes nowadays, some of my favorites; Gardein, Yves and YingYing all readily available in your grocery store.

It was this approach to eating that was the final healing I needed to free me from my own debilitating illness. It's simply the most important key to disease prevention and the whole world needs to know about it! You can find a list of acid/alkaline foods in my bestselling book available at!

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