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Nutritional Requirement of the Soul....LOVE xo

I've just been reminded of a very fundamental truth and thought it was worth sharing today. Our soul’s nutritional requirements consist of positive electromagnetic energy. That might sound strange but it's true...

Electromagnetic energy is released by a soul when it outwardly expresses love (a soul attribute) and is absorbed by the individual on the receiving end. Love is transmitted as a positive electromagnetic energy (protons) that bond together to form an electromagnetic band running from the source to the receiver. The exchange of energy stimulates the electromagnetic field of the receiver causing the receiver’s field of energy to literally change vibrational frequency - and then slows the pulse and breathing rate of the receiver. This is the state in which healing is optimum.

Positive energy is what sustains life. And of course we know that positive energy is made by thinking positive thoughts. When you think positive, you generate positive energy which is then transmitted through the electromagnetic field which surrounds your body. When this occurs, the positive energy negates negative energy it comes into contact with, balancing the scales. The more positive energy transmitted, the more negative energy negated. It is really that simple but how easy we forget.

So today, take a big dose of soul nutrition...and love, love, love and love being loved too. What does the world need now? Is love sweet love! xoxoxo SWAK

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