Mercy for Animals

I know for many people it is very difficult to watch undercover investigations that expose the cruelty taking place in animal factory farms and fur farms. I used to turn away from such imagery, however, as I have grown older and more determined to make a difference in this world, I have found the inner strength to view these types of videos allowing them to empower me and give strength for my convictions.

It is no secret I am an advocate for the protection of animal welfare, and have as a business owner eliminated all animal meat at Grail Springs, moving into a compassionate vegetarian pH approach to diet which also happens to be the healthiest diet. Some say it was a business risk. I say it is a matter of conscience and wish I had acted on it sooner. Vegetarianism is the most sustainable, planet friendly diet so there are many benefits in the bigger scheme of things.

This video and the cruelty that takes place, if you have the strength to watch it, and I hope you do, occurs in 5,800 slaughter houses every single day just in the US alone. You cannot watch this video and not demand mercy for farm animals. Join the 12 million plus members of Care2, sign their petitions, get involved, make your voice count.

The number one thing you can do right now is enact your power as a consumer by not purchasing cruelty ridden products.

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