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How You Can Become An Advocate Today. Your Voice Counts NOW.

UN Climate Agency declares "Best solution to climate change is for us all to become vegetarians."

I am so pleased to see an influx of good articles lately pushing the point of how destructive commercial animal farming is to the climate. The United Nations has announced that 51% of all carbon emissions are due to commercial animal farming. That's astounding. It's more than all the planes, trains, ships and automobiles put together. Check out the article written by Heather Moore of Care2. You might also like to sign up to become an advocate for your favorite cause. It's amazing the power of the internet. I've seen laws put into place within weeks of petitions circling around the globe. And you can even create your own petition.

How You Can Become an Advocate Today: Dedicate 10 minutes of your day to pro-activism of your choice. My passion is animal welfare and the environment. I have a few alert lists that I belong to like the World Wildlife Fund, Peta, International Humane Society, and Care2. Care2 is an excellent community to get involved with. Go to:  Take a few minutes to get familiar with them. Then choose your causes and sign up for the alerts. They'll send you petitions specific to your passion. It takes seconds to sign and then you can also share them easily with your facebook or twitter communities.

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