Boost your health through nature

Day 13-cleanse

Good morning happy cleansers!
We made it through the juicing phase!! yah I would love to here about your experience with the juice fast. How are you feeling?
Spring is here...new growth..rejuvination..Lets see what nature can do for us.
Nature can actually make you healthier with fewer doctor’s visits. Human nature is enmeshed with nature. Learn to get along with nature’s rhythms to reset your own biorhythms from technology overload — focus on the benefits.
Here are some ways nature can boost your health:
* Silent communication. Overscheduled and endless demands, you need to detoxify your senses with solitude, setting aside quiet time to reflect. You can hear a bird, smell a flower and feel the wind on your skin. Learn to pay attention to feel alive and alert —
* Slow you down. Being crazy busy sets you up for chronic stress. Nature reduces the inflammatory response of stress which is damaging to all your bodily processes and sets you up for unhappiness.
* The sunshine vitamin. Vitamin D as transmitted by sunlight to your skin and helps to release serotonin to improve your mood. Exposure to sunlight stimulates the pineal gland to produce melatonin which plays a role in quality sleep, so that you wake up refreshed to start your day — without irritability. Vitamin D boosts the immune system and helps prevent certain cancers like breast and colon.
* Nutrients. Eating local, organically grown pesticide-free fruits and vegetables provides superior nutrition because they go directly from harvest to table. Better yet grow fruits, herbs and vegetables in your own garden or a community garden. Did you know that gardeners don’t tend to get osteoporosis and get a great workout that many gym members envy?
* Natural self-expression. Nature reminds you to be your authentic self — embrace your body and run with wolves — metaphorically speaking. Silence, suppression, pretense — take their toll on your mood and cardiovascular system.
* Movement outdoors. Take your workout outdoors because we were designed to walk and run outside. Look for opportunities to move all day instead of sitting in front of the TV or a computer.
* The power of green. The fewer chemicals the better, as everyone has a tipping point for illness. Chemicals stress the body. Also, the color green helps to promote healing. Nature has many shades of green.

" Peace be with you "

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