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Fitness Day 18 - Power Walk!

How are you all feeling?

More in Love with your life?

Have you created fitness plans to help you continue on this wonderful path of healthy living?

Using a combination of the fitness posts you can beging to develop a personal program that will keep you in connection with all you have learned here during the 21 Day Cleanse.


Today's fitness tip is one that I am certain most of you already do - each and every day!


Did you know that a 30 minute daily practice of power walking can:

Help you live longer
Help you lose weight and keep it off
Help you reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke
It boosts your brain power
Improves your mood and relieves stress

Now - let's get walking!!!!

How do you develop a sustainable walking practice?

-set realistic time goals at the beginning
- make a walking schedule
- chart your progress
- keep it interesting

Think of your walk in three parts. Walk slowly for 5 minutes. Increase your speed for the next 5 minutes. Finally, to cool down, walk slowly again for 5 minutes.
Try to walk at least three times per week. Add 2 to 3 minutes per week to the fast walk. If you walk less than three times per week, increase the fast walk more slowly.
To avoid stiff or sore muscles or joints, start gradually. Over several weeks, begin walking faster, going further, and walking for longer periods of time.
The more you walk, the better you will feel. You also use more calories.

Walking right is very important.
Walk with your chin up and your shoulders held slightly back.
Walk so that the heel of your foot touches the ground first. Roll your weight forward.
Walk with your toes pointed forward.
Swing your arms as you walk.


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