Coming Off Your Detox

Day 20 -Cleanse

It is important to PLAN for after your detox so that you come off gently and gradually to allow your body to adjust to the foods you are reintroducing. Doing this part well will set you up for improved long term health.

1) Consider what you’ve learned so far during your detox.If you have kept a Journal , check in with the changes you’ve made and how they have affected you.

2) Think about the aspects of your detox diet that you’d like to incorporate into your daily life. Which recipes could you eat regularly?
Which foods could you leave out or reduce in your regular daily diet?

3) Climb back down the detox ladder, reintroducing one food group at a time over a period of 2-4 days. Pay attention to your body’s reactions to the different foods as you do this. Remember you don’t have to add them ALL back in. This is a great opportunity for you to make some conscious choices about what you’ll be eating from now on. One or two sustained improvements can make a huge difference in your long term health.

4)Set your intentions for your next detox. Next month? Next season? Next year? Detoxing on a regular basis helps you stay clear and allows you to continue to improve your health as you age!

Any Questions? Please ask away :)

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