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Life Coaching - Day 17 - Your Home

It was so enlightening, the other day, to hear from Feng Shui Expert Katherine Russ, wasn't it? I'm sure it got you thinking about what parts of your home have good energy and reflect your soul, and which parts surely do not.

What areas of your home need change? How do you want to do that?
What colours do you want more of in your home? What types of art?
How can you bring the four elements into your home?
How do you want to handle paperwork in your home?
How is the energy flow in your home?

Take a walk around your home from your new, fresh, cleansed, clear self. You'll know what sits right with you and what doesn't. You'll know what you want to do to support your soul.

Your home is just another extension of you, and the manifestation of your home will be a direct reflection of your other manifestations. This is your chance to heal yourself on the inside and the outside at once!

Happy cleansing!

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