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Fitness Day 20 ~ Jumping Around! :)

Joyful Jumping Jacks!!

Do you remember jumping around in gym class?
Well, now is the time to revive the kid in you and jump, jump, JUMP!!

How to:
Stand tall and keep abdomen taut.
Stand with feet together, hands at side, knees slightly bent and relaxed.
Jump and spread legs, swinging arms upward and touching them over the head.
Return to start position with feet together and hands at sides.
Remember to move slowly, smoothly, and avoid jerky or bouncy movements. Keep knees slightly bent and toes pointing out.

It increases balance and stability.
Jumping ability improves.
It strengthens the cardiovascular system.
Stamina and endurance are enhanced.
Coordination for sports and other athletic pursuits is improved by doing jumping jacks.
The immune system is strengthened
Add this exercise to your daily routine, use it as a warm-up, or to wake you up during the day if you become sluggish from sitting too long.
"Joy is not in things, it is in us!"
R. Wagner

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