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Life Coaching - Day 21 - Your Plan

Oh my goodness, here we are at the end of the cleanse. What an incredible thing you've done for yourself.

The last thing you want to happen is the cleanse ends, and life goes back to how it was before. Actually, that is impossible, because you are different now. But, you can use this momentum to create lasting change in your life.

Look back at your journal entries over the cleanse, especially over the last week.

What are the most important things you ARE SURE you want to effect in your life moving forward?

For each of those most important things, create 3 simple, concrete action steps for moving those things forward. Be specific, and give things definition such as time and amounts. Also give yourself an inspiring sentence or two about why those things are important.

Take those action steps and get them into a system. How will you remember the steps? Do you need to add some things to your day timer? Your PDA? As part of your morning routine? Do you need outside support such as a coach?

YOU are important. By filling your own cup first, you have the Universe to give to others. I encourage you to continue the effort of incorporating important practices and action steps for your holistic health into your life moving forward. Your mind, body, soul, life and world will reap divine benefits.


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