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Life Coaching - Day 15 - Rebuilding from the Inside Out

Congratulations, cleansers. You've made it to week 3, and it is time to rebuild. We've cleansed a lot of what we don't want out of our lives, we've got deep to reflect and understand more about ourselves and what we want. Now it is time to start creating our future.

We are going to rebuild from the inside out, so let's start with the most intimate part of your life. Your internal life of mind, heart and soul connection.

What do you want your internal environment to be like? Do you want it to be quiet, peaceful, energized, soulful, directed? Do you want to feel love, peace, joy, happiness, balance? Do you want your mind to be focused, creative, relaxed?

Write in your journal, your specific vision for exactly how you want your internal environment to be...


  1. This has got me thinking. Do I want something quiet or highly energised and buzzing? hmmm


  2. Hi Felix,

    Maybe flexibility or versatility is part of your answer!