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Fitness Day 13 ~ Rest and calm in Child's Pose

Childs Pose - Balasana - The Prayer Stretch
This pose stretches the knees and the lower back. It is a very good pose to do to get blood to the brain and is recommended if you have dizziness or extreme fatigue. You may want to open the knees a little more if you suffer from over acidity. This will create more room around the belly. It also allows deeper breathing.
Finding deep breath in this pose will massage your organs, aiding in the release of toxins.

While you are at rest in Balasana clear your mind of mundane thoughts, and connect to the Divine - say a prayer from your heart as you heal and renew.

Sit on your knees with your feet together and buttocks resting on your heels. Separate your knees about the width of your hips. Place your hands on your thighs, palms down.
Inhale deeply, then exhale as you bring your chest between your knees while swinging your arms forward.

Rest your forehead on the floor, if possible, and then bring your arms around to your sides until the hands on resting on either side of your feet, palms up.

Breath gently through your nostrils as you hold the posture. Hold for about one to two minutes. Then return to an upright kneeling position with your back straight and your hands on your thighs.

Repeat the posture at least one more time.


When we pray to God we must be seeking nothing - nothing.

~Saint Francis of Assisi

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