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Life Coaching - Day 19 - Your Work

All of us have a special and sacred part of our lives, our work. Our way that we contribute to the world to make it a better place. Our way that we get to express our special gifts, our ways of being, our skills and our experience. Our way that we get to enjoy the wonderful feeling of community that comes from cooperating towards a higher goal. Our way that we are deeply fulfilled because we are doing what we are meant to be doing and helping the world in some way.

Does your "job" sound just like the description above, or maybe not so much? Would you like it to reflect that description more? What else would you love in your work?

For most of us, we will spend more time with our work than any other precious aspect of our lives. Are you giving it proper due as the main focus of your life? Is your job worthy of the main focus of your life?

Decide what you want more of in your job. Decide what you want less of in your job. Some of you may decide that major changes are in order after this cleanse. Anyone, however, can start to create change right where they are at, by being more yourself, and speaking more of the truth, in whatever environment you find yourself in. In that way you'll be communicating your intention to the Universe for change, and change will come, often in miraculous ways.

Happy cleansing...

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