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Life Coaching - Day 13 - Your Ideal Day

You've cleared a lot of things away, and you've examined yourself, what matters to you, and your life.

Now that you are so deeply connected to yourself, it's a great time to develop (some would say discover) your vision.

Let's start with an exercise that is meant to help you tap into your imagination and your most important values. This is a no limits exercise...Forget about limitations, barriers and fears.

Describe your ideal day! What would be the perfect day for you and your family?

These questions may help to get you thinking:

- What time would you get up?
- What would you feel like in the morning? What would you be excited about?
- What kind of house are you in?
- What do you do in the morning? What kind of family interactions do you have?
- Will you be working or doing some other sort of activity? What and where?
- How does what you do fulfill you? Why do you love it? What kinds of people do you work with?
- How does your work make a difference?
- What would you do in your spare time?
- What would your family relationships be like?
- What would your physical self be like?
- Where in the world would you be living?
- What else would you love?

Remember, describe your ideal day as if anything is possible for you...Because it is! :)

Happy Cleansing...

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