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The Seasons of the Body, Mind and Soul...

Every ending has a new beginning of some sort. And once you learn to honor the ending for what it is, it is usually a good thing. Honoring the end allows for new space to be created in your heart and mind, to embrace that new thing that is waiting around the corner for us. As a child I was often in an unconscious state of fearfulness ~ that life would change around me and that the change was always a bad thing, hurtful and painful. Most of my actions were influenced by making sure that nothing ever changed. Which of course set me up for disappointment, heartbreak and eventual anxiety.

Thankfully that too came to an end when I started on the path of self reflection and began to see the Circle of Life. Nature has its seasons. Everything changes; sky, landscape, temperature, lighting, wind. And with it, our psyche, chemistry, emotions, mood, energy level, and our desires. Each change of season has an affect on our body, mind and spirit. And this doesn't have to be a bad thing. If you can begin to connect with the power of each season and what gifts it brings to you, you can harness those gifts and use them to uplift, energize and harmonize your life! For example, instead of dreading winter and giving in to a sense of depression, embrace the winter as a time to hibernate for a few months and enjoy the opportunity for self-reflection, writing and creating a plan for the new year to come.

The Celtics embraced nature's changes in this way as they had a deep and intimate relationship with the land, trees, animals, sky, sun and moon. Each considered a living being and revered as such as was with all indigenous ancient peoples. We've lost touch with our relationship with nature, with the land, with animals. We've severed the connection with nature and have come to strip away, use up resources, become carefree to the suffering of animals in factory farming, and the list goes on. But all can be restored if we want it to. We are in control.

Perhaps when you think of what you have learned over the past 21 days of your cleanse you've started to feel a greater sense of connection again with your body, with food, with your breath, your feelings, and how you perceive life in general. Keep this up. And go deeper now. Your body, mind and spirit move with the influences of mother nature. It is the natural law. When we go against that nature law, chaos happens.

If you can commit to listening to the messages from nature, and how each season offers up a different intent, you can begin to move with the flow of the seasons and allow your body, mind and spirit to do the same. It will tell you what foods to eat that will be good for you, what kinds of exercise are good for which seasons, what needs to change in your lifestyle in order to feel more harmonious. The key word here is 'Harmony'.

What will it take to create more harmony in your life. Just look to Mother Nature. She whispers to us everyday. There is only one factor that wields the power to connect or disconnect and that is 'how we think'. If you look to continue to have harmony and good health in your life, stay focused on that alone. The signs will be all around you and your intuitive nature within will get stronger and stronger. And before you know it, you will be full engaged with the world around you and the changing seasons of the body, mind and soul. And that ultimately brings the one thing we are all in search of....Joy.

Blessings, Madeleine 

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