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Earth Day Celebrating 40th Anniversay Today. "We The People" have the Power to Make Change Now.

It was forty years ago today when thousands of individuals took to the streets in Washington Square and sent a message to Congress to start passing laws to protect the planet against climate change. Forty years later we are still sending the message and still no one is listening. 

BUT the tide has changed. And we've come to realize that we do not require a dysfunctional group of power and greed driven men in Congress to decide whether we thrive or die. 'We The People' have the absolute power today to change the world and the secret lies in our minds and in our wallets. We only need to make the right decisions today; stop purchasing products that cost the planet its limited resources and only purchase products that are sustainable, local, organic, humane and of fair trade. If we the people, the consumer, stop feeding into the corporate money machine by being a little more disciplined in its choices, 'think before we buy', we would not need to wait another forty years for congress to pass laws to protect our planet. Corporations would be forced to change direction or go out of business. After all the global market place is all based on the fundamental laws of 'supply and demand'. 

To wait forty more years is too late.  Ten years is too late. The time is NOW.

It's Earth Day. Raise your awareness, get involved, own your power and commit to being a responsible consumer. Today.

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