Fitness Day 11 ~ Sit in easy pose outside!

The Easy Pose or Sukhasana is a relaxation pose intended for Meditation. It promotes inner calm and straightens the spine, opens the hips, and relieves tiredness.
As the name suggests, this pose is very easy to do.
Take this pose outside today - seek out a serene space where you can settle comfortably into your body, practice your deep breathing and tune into the sounds of nature.
  1. Sit down on the floor, grass or a Yoga Mat.
  2. Cross your legs, placing your feet below your knees.
  3. Clasp your hands around your knees.
  4. Keep your body straight.

I would love to hear from you - please comment and share with us how you have begun to connect with your physical self as you cleanse out the toxins, creating space for healing.

How do you like the legs up the wall pose?
Are you enjoying this wonderful pose each night before bed?
How often are you connecting to your ever expanding breath?
Do you feel lighter and more limber?

Namaste ~ I bow to the Divine in you

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