Life Coaching - Day 20 - Your Spiritual Growth

You've done a lot in this cleanse for yourself, and no doubt it has been a transformative experience for you.

You've been exposed to some different parts of yourself, and you've been exposed to a lot of different ideas and concepts. You are probably also getting some unique and new inspirations about things that may be important for you in your development.

Of course, your spiritual growth is inevitable, and you are already perfect. Nothing needs to change. That being said, there are probably things that you are drawn towards, and you are drawn towards them for a reason.

What practices do you want to continue?
What new practices do you want to bring into your life?
Where have you noticed that small changes can make big differences for you?
How do you feel most whole? Most expanded? Most peaceful? Most joyful?
What does your inner wisdom whisper to you?

You have an incredible opportunity to take this cleanse experience and expand upon it. Now is the time to create those intentions.

Happy Cleansing...

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