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Create Your Own Cleansing Kit for Your Home

This is an ancient ritual that is to this day taught, practiced and passed on by almost every indigenous people from around the world. It's called 'smudging'. It it revered as a powerful cleansing ceremony 'to clear out' old energy patterns and to let in the new. Thoughts are things. And just as old photographs hold many memories and feeling for us, so does a place or a space hold thoughts, memories and feelings. Smudging is a way of clearing the energy patterns that are trapped within the space, hindering the allowance of the new to come in.

What you'll need:
  • a sage stick - easily found at health food stores, new age book stores
  • an old plate or cup. A shell is used in traditional ceremony.
Quite simply ~ you set your intention, light the end of the sage stick, blow out the flame and allow the sage to smoke. To keep the smoke active, wave your hand over the end occasionally. Slowly start to walk around the room you are wishing to clear; a bedroom, your office, a kitchen, or do your entire house. You particularly want to get into the corners, raising the stick up and down where two walls meet. Keep the plate or shell under the tip of the stick as the ashes will drop. Stroll through the entire space until you feel complete. Give thanks and express your openness to allowing something new to come into your life.

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