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maintaining our "human engines"

Day 11- Cleanse
Day 3 Juicing….Yay, we made it to day 3….kudos my fellow cleansers!
I’ve often wondered why we seem to care more about the quality of the fuel we use to get the best performance from our cars, and less about the quality of nutritional “fuel” we eat to get the best performance from our bodies, our “human engine”.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a human handbook that came with all the specific general maintenance tasks we need to do to ensure our own “engines” are in good running order and free from malfunctions? Plus tips on how we can achieve even better than expected performance results!
It’s too bad we don’t receive a friendly reminder, customer service letter from our healthcare provider. letting us know we are due for a “service check” and to make sure we are being “well maintained.” After all, the penalties for ignoring our own health are a lot more significant than just financial. We only have to tune in to the latest debate on health care reform to understand the larger problems, but closer to home…it’s our life and we want to live it “penalty-free” for as long as possible.
My friendly cleansers, you have taken this step on your own, to clean out your engines. It is solely up to us as individual owners to maintain our “human engines” from here on in.
Here are a few tips to reflect on for future maintenance
1) Recognize the healthy value of natural/organic food: eat food you recognize (not processed, convenience, packaged food) carry around healthy snacks just in case good food isn’t available.
2) Appreciate the power of your immune system: support your immune system everyday with Vitamin supplements and antioxidants
3) With each piece of food you enter into your mouth, ask yourself “Is this going to give me good energy and vitality, or is this piece of food going to leave me feeling lethargically yucky?”

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