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Letting Go Ritual ~ Task for This Easter Weekend

While you are experiencing now in your 10th day of your 21 day cleanse what it feels like to be rid of some old aches and pains, extra pounds you don't need, and hopefully the emergence of new and inspired energy, this is the right time to reflect on old habits that you would like to say good-bye to for good. Get your entire family involved including children who love this little ritual.

Over the Easter holidays take your family to a park where there are forested trails or meadows and a body of water like a river, pond or lake.  As you walk the trails contemplate those things you would like to change in your life and as you are thinking of each,  pick a flower, a leaf or a stem. Acknowledge with gratitude to the plant for its assistance with this ritual.

When everyone feels complete, go stand at the shore and toss the flowers one by one, assigning each to one thought, one habit. And as each flower hits the water, watch it float away and say good-bye to that which you wish to let go of...

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