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The Alchemist’s Bath: toxins out ~ minerals in!

"All Medicine is in the Earth" ~ Paracelsus

Mother Earth’s Magic Healing Potions:
Minerals play an enormous role in our ability to stay healthy but are often not addressed or talked about in mainstream medicine.  95% of our body’s functions, like the simple task of just thinking are dependent on minerals being present. The millions of individuals who experience lethargy in their day likely have a lack of sufficient minerals in their diet. Supplementing the body’s mineral intake through natural products from the earth is one effective and potent way to acquire the necessary minerals we need.

End each few days of your detox program with a 20 minute detox bath, also a great time to decompress, relax and just breathe in some quiet time just for you. I suggest using Himalayan bath salts, Austrian moor mud or organic seaweed powders. Dead sea salts and Himalayan bath salts are readily available at health food stores. These gifts from Mother Earth will not only help to draw out the toxins but what they offer up in the way of minerals is powerful.

Adopt a weekly detox bath for life for general health maintenance and disease prevention.

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