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Life Coaching - Day 5 - Cleansing Your Calendar

You are a divine being, and you have the right to participate in things that you enjoy, and to not participate in things that you don't enjoy.

How much does your work and social calendar reflect how you really want to live?

You may feel more like adding things that you really want more towards the end of the cleanse, when you are learning more about living as your true self. But, for now, are there some things that clearly you don't enjoy?

If being with certain people, or doing certain things, doesn't feel right to you, they are activities that aren't currently a match for your deeper self, and can be cleansed!

Are there some events and activities you are ready to let go of? Letting go of the things that are not right, makes room for the people and things that are right! :)

Happy Cleansing!

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