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Fitness Day 3 - twist out the toxins!

Just like wringing out a wash cloth, twisting your spine will help the body release its accumulated gunk! Making the twist restorative keeps the process gentle and nurturing - two qualities we all can use more of, especially as we move deeper into our cleanse.

Sit on your mat. Bend your right leg bringing your foot just underneath you. Inhale and pass left foot over right knee, placing it on the floor beside the right knee. Place right hand on the floor beside your hip. Simultaneously, place left elbow on right knee, using it to increase the twist that you will soon be creating at the spine. Exhale and twist completely towards the right and look over the shoulder. Ensure that the spine remains erect and the right foot remains flat on the ground. This correction is important to fine-tune the detox effect of this twist. Also, remember to use your left elbow to increase the effect of the twist by pressing the knee backwards. Breathe normally, holding the pose for a few seconds. Release. Repeat three times. Then repeat the same steps for the opposite side.

Benefits: This gives a powerful squeeze to your stomach, squeezing the body’s most important detox player – the liver, which is involved with over 500 functions, including detoxification of any junk we consume, like coffee, alcohol, etc. The transverse squeeze also works on the other organs and glands of elimination and excretion, including the entire uro-genital system, the spleen, kidneys, and the adrenals (involved with stress management). It busts constipation, a major problem of those with mismanaged metabolism and toxic over-kill. The squeeze-release effect it provides sends a fresh gush of blood into these regions, rejuvenating them and hastening the inner clean-up.

Twist - turn - breathe - clean - empty out - let go!

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