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Fitness Day 7 - Tratak Meditation

Good Morning Cleansers!

As we move into our 2nd week, and begin to change our focus from detox to reflection, I hope that you will open up to this very simple, yet power practice.

Tratak or steady gazing is an excellent concentration exercise. It involves alternately gazing at an object or point without blinking, then closing your eyes and visualizing the object in your mind's eye. The practice steadies the wandering mind and concentrates the attention, leading you to focus with pinpoint accuracy. Wherever the eyes go, the mind follows, so that when you fix your gaze on a single point, the mind too becomes one pointed. Tratak meditation extends beyond a simple gaze; it is about attuning to your higher-self. If a seeker sincerely enters into Tratak meditation daily, they will quickly experience the beauty it adds to their life. The seeker is filled with will power, determination and focus.

Breathing Images – Candle Light Meditation

A conscious breathing of light into the eyes in the form of images can be experienced, as a delicate process in which the light meets and mingles with a current of will forces from with the human being. To experience the mingling of currents puts the human being at the door to higher worlds.

Candle light exercise:

Observe a candle flame for a full minute. Watch it with open eyes and heart, see the energy as it moves around the flame. Draw this light into your heart, passing it through your 3rd eye centre. After a full minute has passed, gently close your eyes and observe the after image, using your in-sight. Connect to the image created within, watch it pulse and ebb and change colors until no image is perceptible. Pay very close attention to the inner state after the image fades away. It is this state of inner awareness that we seek, to prepare ourselves for deeper states of meditation.
Once this practice becomes familiar, visualize a current of energy rising up the back of the spine from the kidney area into the back of the brain, through the optic nerve, and toward the front of the head. Once this is a full experience, combine the first exercise with the second.
Begin by establishing the current from the kidney to the eyes, then open the eyes and observe the candle flame for a minute. Then close your eyes and pay attention to the place in the head where the after-image meets the kidney current – where human will meets the sense impression.

"Meditation brings wisdom; lack of meditation leaves ignorance. Know well what leads you forward, and what holds you back, and choose the path that leads to wisdom"


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