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Greens, Greens, and more Greens

Good Morning Happy Cleanser!
How are we doing today? Have we been eating LOTS of greens? Eating lots of greens is an important part of our detox diet.

Learning to eat enough greens usually requires a shift in perspective. Most of us grew up regarding greens (and other veggies) as a side dish; something we eat in small portions every once in awhile. Greens are great purifiers. They work specifically to support your liver and help usher toxins and fat out of your body.
During your detox (and as part of a long term healthy diet) greens should be brought front and center, featured as a regular main dish! The green salads you eat during your detox should be loaded with nutrients and a wide variety of fresh ingredients. And there’s no need to be stingy in your salad making. A big salad makes a great meal all on its own.
A chef salad is a great opportunity to incorporate many different vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other micronutrients into one meal. This creation will give you the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals along with healthy fats and proteins. Fresh herbs also enhance the nutrient value, detoxifying power and flavour of your chef salad.

1. Combine dark and light leafy greens; yellow, orange and red vegetables; nuts and seeds; and avocadoes.
2. Have fun with your chef salad adding in as much goodness as possible. Fresh whole basil, mint leaves, etc. roasted nuts (almonds, pine nuts). Protein: Add in crispy tofu, crumbled on top or a few tbsp hemp seeds. Throw in some chickpeas or cooked quinoa.

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